Selling property is about advertising and appropriate promotion. It’s

not about cheap fees!



How we will help and work with you


Selling a property is a major undertaking for most of us. Amberley Estates recognises that as your agent it is important that you get off on the right foot by clarifying operations and the process involved from the outset.



Free property valuation service


This service is free of charge and carried out by one of our experienced property appraisers. It takes no more than an hour of your time (sometimes less).



Preparing to market the property


Upon your decision to appoint Amberley Estates we will require you to authorise our Terms of Agency. We then prepare property particulars for your approval and commence the process of selling for you.



Showing the property to potential purchasers


Before viewings commence prepare to show your property in its best light, experience shows that it does make a big difference and first impressions do count. Amberley Estates will advise you on how best to achieve this. We can show you’re a complete package that won’t be matched!



Dealing with offers


Estate Agents are obliged to put all offers to their vendor clients. Do not be disappointed if these are not what you expect. In some cases there might be a process of negotiation in the price. This can get fraught sometimes, but working through Amberley Estates will give you the opportunity to reserve your position – and it allows us to apply our trained expertise in negotiation.

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